Simon Dirmeier

Computer scientist, bioinformatician, future statistician.
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I am a doctoral student in Computational Biology at the CBG at ETH. My work revolves mainly around developing novel probabilistic graphical models for the analysis of large-scale genetic perturbation screens. Apart from that, I have expertise and am broadly interested in machine learning, (nonparametric) Bayesian statistics, causal inference and probabilistic programming. I am literate in multiple programming languages, have experience with many machine learning and statistical libraries, and spend a lot of my free time contributing to OSS projects. Before doing a PhD, I've studied Bioinformatics (M. Sc. and B. Sc.) at TU Munich and LMU Munich, primarily focusing on graph theory and algorithmics.

In my free time I play the guitar, like reading philosophy and work on extending my Jazz collection!


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Some notebooks and notes on statistics, computer science and philosophy, and some projects I've been working on (R/Python/C++).